What is CIMA?

CIMA is the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. CIMA is a global organisation, and its qualifications are recognised internationally. This makes a CIMA qualification very valuable, as you are able to go and work anywhere in the world. A CIMA qualification prepares students for work in Management Accounting.


What will I learn?

The CIMA syllabus covers the key areas of management accounting, as well as technical aspects of accounting. It equips students with important managerial skills and covers various aspects of management, including human resource management, project management and change management. You will also learn how to analyse financial data and how to use management information. Strategy, decision-making, budgeting and forecasting also form an important part of the syllabus. In short, you will learn how to play an important management role within a business environment, and you will gain skills that will enable you to work in many different types of organisations.


What job opportunities are there?

CIMA qualifications are sought after due to the fact that they enable you to work within any sector, and prepare you for a general career in business, as well as focusing on key aspects of management accounting. A CIMA qualification will also assist you if you want to become involved in the top management of an organisation. Some of the types of job roles that you will be able to apply for include:

    • Management Accountant

    • Cost Accountant

    • Business or Financial Advisor

    • Business or Financial Analyst

    • Managing Director

    • Financial Director

    • Chief Executive Officer

    • Chairperson of an organiation


CIMA courses at Skills Academy:

At Skills Academy, we offer the following CIMA courses:

    • CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting
    • CIMA Professional Qualification: Operational Level
    • CIMA Professional Qualification: Managerial Level
    • CIMA Professional Qualification: Strategic Level.


What are the entry requirements for a CIMA qualification?

You can start with the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting if you are able to read and write in English, and if you are competent in Mathematics. You do not need to have any other academic background, and do not need a Grade 12/Matric Certificate.

If you have relevant previous qualifications, you can apply to CIMA for exemptions, and you could be allowed to start with the Professional Qualification.

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Last updated: December 13th, 2016