CIMA Finance Jobs

The CIMA qualification prepares students for a career in business and finance. It places a strong emphasis on management skills and business strategy and analysis, which means that it opens doors to a variety of jobs in the financial world, including positions in senior management.

The types of finance jobs open to people with CIMA qualifications include Financial Manager, Financial Director, Management Accountant, Cost Accountant and Financial Analyst, to mention only a few.

To get an idea of what a CIMA finance job might entail, and what the tasks and responsibilities might include, have a look at the typical job description of a Financial Manager below. Keep in mind, however, that even within the role of Financial Manager, job descriptions can vary greatly from organisation to organisation, and will depend on numerous factors.

Typical job description for a Financial Manager:

    • Manage client accounts

    • Provide input for budget-related decisions

    • Manage the budget

    • Prepare and submit various reports and statements

    • Ensure compliance with relevant laws and policies

    • Keeping up with changes and developments with regard to relevant legislation and policies

    • Analysis and interpretation of financial information

    • Formulating business plans and strategies

    • Evaluating business performance

    • Developing and implementing financial risk management strategies

    • Maintaining relevant external relationships, for example with auditors

    • Supervising staff

    • Ensure that proper financial controls are in place

    • Monitoring cash flow

    • Communicating with non-financial managers



Last updated: December 13th, 2016