CIMA Trainee Jobs

What are Trainee Jobs?

Trainee jobs are aimed at providing students with a chance to gain practical working experience while studying. This allows students to earn a salary while they are still busy studying, and makes it easier to find a permanent job once fully qualified. Practical training also makes it easier to understand the theoretical content of the CIMA qualification, which will make it easier to pass the exams.

Where can you find a position as a CIMA Trainee?

Many companies offer trainee positions to people who are in the process of studying towards their CIMA qualifications. Different companies have different requirements that you need to meet in order to qualify for a traineeship.

You can start by doing an online search for CIMA trainee jobs. Another good place to look would be on CIMA’s own website, as they sometimes provide links to job opportunities for trainees. It would also be a good idea to have a look at what trainee or graduate programmes are available with different companies. Some banks, investment companies and other large companies offer training programmes annually. These are often not advertised, but details can be found on their websites, or you can approach such organisations directly.

In South Africa, for example, ABSA Bank runs a CIMA Training Programme for students who hold qualifications that exempt them up to Management Level of the CIMA Professional Qualification. KPMG offers a three-year Trainee Technology Advisory and Consulting programme, which is open to people with CIMA qualifications. This programme involves both theoretical and practical training.

What do Trainee Jobs entail?

CIMA trainee jobs are focused on giving trainees an opportunity to gain relevant, highly valuable practical experience. There are trainee jobs available to those who do not have tertiary qualifications or experience, but wish to study while they are working. These types of traineeships often include assistance with payment of studies as well as generous study leave, but they are hard to find.

It is more likely that you will find a trainee job as a graduate, where your employer might also provide you with support and assistance in obtaining your CIMA qualification, but first wants to know that you have the relevant background in order to be able to perform the work required as part of the traineeship.

As a trainee, you will be given tasks to do that are relevant to what you will learn during the course of your CIMA studies, and you will be given a chance to apply what you have learned in practice. Precisely what you are required to do will be determined by the needs of the employer, as well as by the type of trainee job that you are doing and the industry in which you are working.



Last updated: December 13th, 2016