CIMA vs ACCA Salary

Both CIMA qualifications and ACCA qualifications prepare students for well-paying jobs, including jobs at a senior management level for those who have the necessary experience. However, the salary that you can expect to earn will depend more on factors such as your job role, the company that you work for, the industry that you work in, your level of experience, and additional qualifications that you might have, rather than on whether you are CIMA qualified or ACCA qualified.


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CIMA qualifications prepare you for positions such as Financial Director, Financial Manager, Financial Analyst, Business Planner, General Manager, Managing Director or Management Accountant, while ACCA qualifications prepare you for a career as an Auditor, Financial Accountant, Tax Advisor or Tax Accountant. For some positions, employers are not concerned about whether you qualified through the CIMA route or the ACCA route, as long as you are suitably qualified for the work that they require you to do.


It is advisable to choose the route that you are likely to enjoy the most, as you will find it easier to be successful at something that you enjoy doing.


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