CIMA Registration

CIMA Pupils

If you want to sign up for a CIMA course then observe the following actions:

  1. Discover the nearest/your choice of a CIMA program service provider.

  2. Make sure the CIMA course provider is recognised and registered.

  3. Confirm with the CIMA service provider that they could offer you accessibility to a CIMA examination room/centre, where you will be able to finish your professional qualifications.

  4. Register at the selected college as a student and begin your CIMA studies!

If we may recommend a dependable CIMA course provider to you, we suggest you complete your CIMA studies through Skills Academy. Skills Academy is a distance learning service provider meaning you study in the convenience of your very own home by you own pace, anywhere in South Africa. Not only do they have simple payment plans, they also offer fantastic pupil assistance whenever you could require it.

CIMA Members

In order to become a CIMA member you first need to finish your CIMA professional qualifications. You should likewise be able to show 3 years of suitable practical experience in the management accounting sector.

Once you have completed a CIMA membership registration form, you will have to await it to be accepted. When you have been informed that it has been accepted, you can use the letters ACMA after your label. This will show that you are a registered Associate Chartered Management Accountant.

Membership Certification

When you have actually been approved as an Associate Chartered Management Accountant, your certificate will be delivered to you. The certificates are often sent after you have been accepted and this can easily take about 1 to 2 months.

If you happen to not obtain your certificate within 6 months you need to contact the CIMA offices to examine this issue.