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 A program supplier with CIMA Learning Quality Partner standing provides the best in CIMA training as they are recognised via a considerable quality control process. Registering for a program at a registered provider has various conveniences, consisting of lessons with professional CIMA speakers, fantastic feedback and best of all, by obtaining a better possibility of passing the test. We recommend that you choose a course instructed by an accepted CIMA partner.



The full CIMA qualification contains the following levels:


  • Certificate in Business Accounting (CBA) – Supplying the nitty-gritty of Business Bookkeeping to ensure that students can become familiar with the fundamental business and administration concepts

  • Operational – training principles, reporting and advertising and marketing

  • Management – this will consist of task administration and study of accounts and spending plans

  • Strategic – by concentrating on efficiency examination, technique and risk

  • Examination of expert capability in management bookkeeping (T4) – after completing three years of pertinent job, you should pass a case history where you apply your sensible and theoretical knowledge to a company issue)


You may begin your CIMA studies from numerous entrance levels, if you just finished school, are an undergrad or graduate or working already. You do not need a degree to start your CIMA studies. CIMA is a different study path acknowledged by companies across the world. Some companies will provide financial aid for your CIMA studies if you can assure them that it will benefit their business. You will start your CIMA studies by acquiring the Certificate in Business Accounting laying out the base. You might in addition start your CIMA qualification by acquiring an existing level in accounting or finance. The CIMA certification will certainly add value to your existing qualifications. You could conveniently promote your line of work in finance by acquiring the certifications to take you a step up. If you currently hold an accounting certification you could increase your horizons with CIMA to become qualified to work worldwide and take on a position reaching significantly beyond just accounting, utilising your management abilities to protect a much better future and job possibilities.


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