Failed matric? Open learning colleges can help you study

Where can I study without Matric? Not having your Matric is not the end. If you failed Matric open learning colleges provide study courses to students that don’t need Matric to start. These courses are accredited by multiple organizations:

Here are 5 colleges where you can study without Matric:

Never got your Matric?

It is not the end … it is a fresh start. The reality is that only half of the children who begin school will ever get to Matric. Even if you get to being in a Matric class, your odds of going and getting excellent outcomes to a university are little.

Lots of South Africans will study from home after they leave school. Once you start in your first fulltime job, you will know precisely what you need to understand and exactly what you wish to study, to achieve advancement and a profession in your profession.

If you failed Matric open learning colleges will give you a second chance and help you get the career of your dreams.

Have a look at Bellview Institute of Distance Learning’s no-matric courses.

A lot of South Africans Do NOT Have a Matric Certificate

There are numerous countless working grownups studying from home, studying part time, and studying with distance learning in South Africa. You can be among them this year!

By the time you are thinking about a career and believing about more studies, it is typically too late to get a better result.  So numerous students wish to study after Matric, however they do not have the best subjects to get admission to a college or other educational institution or they have failed Matric open learning colleges solve these problems by allowing students to study without Matric.

Start your career now and study while you work

Learning without a Matric Certificate.

When you register with a college that does not require Matric, they will not ask you for your Matric Certificate. You just require a Matric Certificate when you wish to study at a University. When you want to study a course where Matric is the entrance requirement, or.

If you failed Matric open learning colleges that are registered here provides many certified, short and non-accredited courses that you can get in without Matric. Normally you need to just be older than 16 years of age. And you should be able to write and study in English. Since the study products exist in English.

Can I study without Maths?

Yes, if you choose a course for which Maths is not an entry requirement. Note that most of university courses need that you pass mathematics at Matric level.

You might even study bookkeeping and accounting without having actually initially done Matric mathematics if you study a college course with lower entryway requirements.

You can study the whole variety of ICB courses without Matric and without mathematics.

As you complete each level of your program, you will get acknowledgment from the ICB in the manner of an ICB Programme Certificate. As you end up the several courses inside the levels, you will get recognition from FASSET in the kind of your official credentials from FASSET.

Study ICB Courses

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) offer a series of programs that you can study from home. You can begin at a scholastic level listed below Matric, and work you method as much as two levels higher than Matric (NQF 6 level).

You can study all these courses through certified distance study institutions, like Skills Academy.

ICB Bookkeeping Courses

ICB Office Administration Courses

ICB Public Sector Accounting Courses

ICB Business Management Courses

ICB Entrepreneurship Courses

How can you study without Matric?

When you study without Matric, you can pick from many colleges and many courses. The majority of them offer part-time studies or distance learning as an option.

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Part-time studies.

Part-time study means that you study in the nights after work. And you can likewise study on Saturdays. You will discover many colleges use part-time studies, especially for those that have failed Matric open learning colleges will support this kind of students.

The classes are scheduled and will help you to maintain a disciplined program. For instance, some colleges use night school for adults and day school for matriculants in addition to weekend classes.

Distance Learning/ Home Study.

This option is more flexible, especially if your college offers you great deals of a private help.

Home study colleges utilize programs that will work for people who are used and who can not need time off from work to go to classes.

Is Distance Learning right for me?

Home Study has in fact ended up being significantly popular over the past few years, and for great deals of individuals, it is anticipated to end up being the preferred option of further education.

There are a few reasons that home study is a satisfying alternative to enhancing your education and improving your abilities:

You do not go to classes.

Home Study indicates that you don’t physically go to the institution through which you study. This indicates that you do not have to take a journey to go to classes or look for a location to stay if you live far away from a city. You have the ability to study from your home without investing money in taking a trip and accommodation.

If you have a full-time career you do not have to prepare your after-work time around classes or rush to go to classes in the evening.

Assist in the online classrooms and chat groups.

Home Study service providers typically have online study groups/classrooms and discussion online forums, where you can communicate with fellow students and tutors, discuss course products and demand aid.

They have tutors designated to various courses who help you to better comprehend your course product. Your tutors offer recommendations and use feedback on assignments.

Economical – pay monthly.

By getting rid of the extra expenses that accompany studying you just need to pay tuition, and many home study colleges have payment options. You have the choice to spend your home studies on a regular month-to-month basis.

Usually, your study products are included in your tuition fees. This indicates you do not have to invest cash in buying books.

Study even with a full-time career.

Numerous home study institutions allow you to study only a couple of topics at a time. This is so that students do not feel overwhelmed by the work.

Home Study colleges send your course material in batches. That you can complete a module and its assignments prior to moving on to the next module. This enables you the opportunity to concentrate on one thing at a time – making it easier to absolutely comprehend your course material and still take part in your other obligations.

A lot easier entry requirements.

It is a lot much simpler to register for a home study course. Many of the courses do not need Matric. The courses vary from business programs, that only need grade 10, to accredited programs that provide entry-level courses that simply require grade 10 or 11.

Can I study at Unisa?

No, you can not study at Unisa without a Matric. You must have the ideal subjects in Matric.

With Unisa and all our Universities there are up to 10 prospects for each readily available seat. So even if you pass matric with excellent marks and the perfect subjects, you are still not ensured entry at a university.

Courses you can study without Matric.

Skills Academy is one of the part-time colleges that offer courses that do not need Matric. You can pick among the following fields of study:

Matric College offers short courses that do not require Matric. Short Courses are a quick way to improve your skills at work or to brush on a specific skill. It will also improve your general skills and your CV, this will lead to better job opportunities. The courses offered at Matric College are as follows:

  • Beauty Therapy
  • Educare and Childcare
  • Tourism and Guesthouse
  • Events and Wedding Planning
  • ICB Courses
  • Matric Courses

Matric College was born of the belief that every person deserves the opportunity to achieve their Matric, no matter what their age.

Matric College offers its students the opportunity to study from anywhere in South Africa, via distance learning making it possible for you to earn while you learn.

Matric College also offers various courses, both accredited and non-accredited, to help students achieve their goals.

Matric Courses

No Matric? No problem! You can apply to do your Online Matric via distance learning at Matric College. The Matric Courses on offer are:

Matric College also offers NATED courses via distance learning. These NATED courses offer you fantastic opportunities if you want to advance your career prospects by giving you the chance of earning a National Diploma qualification in one of the following streams: 

    • Business Management Courses  
    • Educare Courses 
    • Financial Management Courses 
    • Human Resource Management Courses 
    • Legal Secretary Courses 
    • Management Assistant Courses 
    • Marketing Management Courses 

Where can I study without Matric?

You will find a lot more education and training colleges that utilize courses that do not need you to have a Matric Certificate to acquire entryway to the courses. These colleges have really developed courses differing in length from 3-6 months as much as much as 24 months.

At The Learning Group you can study the following courses without Matric:


At The Decor School you can study the following courses without Matric:

  • Interior Decorating Courses

At TWP Academy you can study the following courses without Matric:

  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Financial Accounting
  • Office Administration
  • ICB Courses
  • Business Management
  • Public Sector Accounting

Get promoted without Matric.

In the workplace it is not merely one qualification that determines your position. Continue studying and making every effort. The self-starter who works more diligently than anyone else is frequently the person with the really finest opportunity of a promotion.

If you wish to get a position that requires Matric, then at first finish an NQF4 level course. NQF level 4 is the very same academic level as Matric. With an occupational certification at NQF level 4 you will be much better placed for that promotion than the person who did Matric!

Start studying now it’s never too late

Last updated: 11 January 2022