ICB Bookkeeping Courses

ICB Bookkeeping courses are the perfect stepping stone into the world of finance. It is essential for a business to keep financial records for several reasons. Every business has to pay tax, and bookkeeping makes it possible for businesses to maintain accurate financial records that can be used to determine how much tax the business owes.

Bookkeeping also enables the business owner to check profitability and progress so that he or she knows where to make adjustments. The bookkeeping records are used to study the patterns of income and expenditure so that the business knows exactly where it stands in terms of cash flow.

ICB Bookkeeping Courses

The ICB offers the following courses that are specifically bookkeeping orientated:

In today’s highly competitive world, taking bookkeeping courses is important for enhancing your CV.  Prospective employers have little way of knowing your capabilities, unless you can provide some evidence that you have been assessed by a recognised institution. Studying also assists you in acquiring up-to-date knowledge of ever-changing trends in the business world. New technology is introduced from time to time and many successful companies, for example, now use computerised bookkeeping systems. Bookkeeping courses provide finer skills that you are unlikely to learn on your own.

Last updated: December 9th, 2016