ICB Business Management

If you never got around to studying after grade 12, you still can create a better career for yourself. For those working full- time, distance learning is a great option. If you always wanted a career in business management, you should pick a college that has ICB business management courses. The best places to study business management are:

Skills Academy

TWP Academy

Learning Group

Home Study College

ICB courses are recognised by professional bodies and the government of South Africa.

Overview of the Institute of Chartered Bookkeepers (ICB)

icb business management

The ICB was established in 1931 and all of its courses are accredited on the NQF by SAQA or the South African Qualifications Authority. Certificates and diplomas are issued by FASSET.

Several professional bodies in the business industry also recognise ICB qualifications. Studying for an ICB qualification gives you the opportunity to grow your network which could have a great impact on your career.

What is Business Management all about?

Business need to be organised and have good management to succeed in the global market. A disorganised company can result in a loss of income and clients. Good business management is thus key to running an efficient company.icb business management

Business management is very broad field and consists of other fields like: IT, administration, customer service, economics as well as analysis of business policies.To develop a good knowledge of all these business management, you will be taught aspects of all these and other fields.

By studying ICB business management, you will be taught skills in human resource management, how to analyse data and markets. Other skills you can learn include:

  • Assessing employees
  • Overseeing tasks
  • Employing and training of new staff
  • Setting up goals that are aligned with the company
  • Creating a harmonious atmosphere in the workplace
  • Resolving problems creatively

Accredited ICB business management courses

The ICB business management programme like all of the ICB’s courses are accredited. The courses are accredited by the QAP (Quality Assurance Partner) for the QCTO (Quality Council for Trades and Occupations). Diplomas and certificates for students are issued by FASSET.

To ensure that all colleges abide by the ICB’s policies they all have inspections on site by an ICB inspector. They check to see if colleges offer you the right study materials and check the qualifications of lecturers. The colleges we have listed all comply by the ICB’s policies.

ICB Business management courses are a great option for accredited ICB Courses. The ICB Business Management National Certificate Course is the first in the program, followed by the ICB Business Management Higher Certificate and finally the ICB Business Management  Diploma Course. These courses will equip you with qualifications in a Scarce Skill, making you a more desirable candidate for firms to hire.

Accredited ICB Business Management Courses

Skills Academy

ICB Business Management Programme

TWP Academy

ICB Business Management Programme

Learning Group

ICB Business Management Programme

Home Study College

ICB Business Management Programme

The structuring of ICB Business Management courses

ICB Business Management courses consists of 3 levels: foundation, intermediate and advanced. The programme consists of three courses, each with their own qualification.

How the Programme is Structured

The programme has three levels, that you can study over three years, as follows:

  1. Level 1 – Foundation Level
    1. Name of Qualification: Small Business Financial Management
    2. Award type: National Certificate
    3. NQF Level: 4
  1. Level 2 – Intermediate Level
    1. Name of Qualification: Office Administration
    2. Award type: National Higher Certificate
    3. NQF Level: 5
  1. Level 3 – Advanced Level
    1. Name of Qualification: Financial Accounting
    2. Award type: National Diploma
    3. NQF Level: 6

Level 1: ICB Business Management (Foundation Level)

National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management

Some careers you can look forward to with this certificate are: an assistant manager, a position in marketing or sales. To enroll for this course you only need a grade 11. To complete this level you need to pass 3 subjects.

CourseNational Certificate: Small Business Financial Management
Award typeNational Certificate
NQF levelLevel 4
Accredited byQCTO
Duration12 – 18 months
Entrance requirementsGrade 11 OR an NQF level 3 qualification

If Matric is not an option for you, there are certain accredited ICB Courses that you can take without a matric certificate. The Small Business Financial Management Course is one such accredited course that you could pursue. This course requires a grade of 11 as an entry requirement.

Level 2: ICB Business Management (Intermediate Level)

Higher Certificate: Office Administration

A properly run and organised company needs good business management. Career prospects with this qualification include: HR and office management, a supervisor in a department or senior administrator in an office. To complete this level you need to pass 5 subjects.

CourseHigher Certificate: Office Administration
Award typeNational higher certificate
NQF levelLevel 5
Accredited byQCTO
Duration22 – 30 months
Entrance requirementsGrade 12 or complete the ICB Certified Junior Office Administrator module

Matric College is an Official Provider of ICB Courses. You can study ICB Office Administration online via distance learning. From Registration to Writing your ICB Exams online, Matric College offers you the most up to date syllabus. They offer Office Administration National Certificate, Higher Certificate and Diploma Level Courses.

Level 3: ICB Business Management (Advanced Level)

National Diploma: Financial Accounting

Financial accountants compile financial reports and budgets. Careers you can look forward to with a diploma in financial accounting are: an accounts manager, business manager, financial accountant, business advisor and more. In order to pass this level you need to complete 4 subjects.

Course:National Diploma: Financial Accounting
Award typeNational diploma
NQF levelLevel 6
Accredited byQCTO
Duration48 – 60 months
Entrance requirementsGrade 12 OR the ICB higher Certificate: Office Administration (must include the Business Management 2 subject).


Looking for a career in business management?

If you are working full- time you don’t have to delay your dreams  You are able to study and work at the same time with the colleges we have outlined.Their fees are not exorbitant and if you study faster, you could end up paying less for your course.icb business management

Lecturers are always there to assist you with any problem you may have with regard to the work. Your study materials are also couriered to can study right away.

We know you have the potential to become the best business manager possible. The need for great business manager is growing as our global economy is expanding. Start studying for an ICB Business Management qualification today. You are guaranteed a job as your skills are will be in demand at all times.