ICB Higher Certificate: Office Administration

Why you should study the ICB Higher Certificate: Office Administration Certification (Senior Office Administrator)?

A Senior Office Administrator is primarily responsible for, amongst other functions:

  • The Secretarial function,
  • The Human Resources Administrator function,
  • The Labour Relations Administrator function,
  • The General Office Manager function,
  • All the skills and knowledge of the Junior Office Administrator
  • Intermediate knowledge of office administration techniques,
  • Thorough human resource and labour relations skills and knowledge, and
  • Understanding of economics.
  • Fundamental knowledge of cost and management accounting,
  • Fundamental knowledge of computing.

How is the ICB Higher Certificate: Office Administration course be structured?

In order to complete the ICB Higher Certificate: Office Administration (Certified Senior Office Administrator), students will have to complete all the following subjects:

  • Business Literacy
  • Entrepreneurship 1
  • Entrepreneurship 2
  • Office and Legal Practice
  • Financial Statements
  • Human Resources Management
  • Bookkeeping to Trial Balance
  • Marketing Management and Public Relations
  • Business and Office Administration 2
  • Human Resources Management and Labour Relations
  • Economics

How will I be assessed?

Assessment is based on the submission of a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) which will comprise of formative activities and evaluations, as well as one summative assessment (final exam). PoE assessment comprises formative / interim assessment of activities (assignments) and evaluations (tests) that count 30% towards the total mark. A Summative Assessment (final exam) contributes to the remaining 70% of your masks. The PoE is basically a file containing all the evidence necessary for a learner to be declared competent against the relevant outcomes.
You will be awarded a Higher Certificate: Office Administration by FASSET upon successful completion of your PoE and your exams.

How long is the course?

22 – 30 months

ICB Higher Certificate: Office AdministrationWhat certificate will I get?

You will be awarded an ICB Higher Certificate: Office Administration (Certified Senior Office Administrator) from FASSET. You will be awarded a Programme Completion Certificate from the ICB. As Skills Academy values education and cares about our students, your completion award will be sent to you via courier so that you receive it as soon as possible and without any delays. This is an example of what your ICB certificate will look like.

When can I start?

You can start right now! Visit our partners page, select a college and fill in the form and a friendly Student Consultant will contact you to ensure this is the right course for you.

 Last updated: December 12th,2016