Together We Pass

Together We Pass and what they do?

Together We Pass has been supplying study groups to students attending UNISA for almost ten years.It started off using email to come in contact with them but they recently had to make a website because they grew so rapidly.It utilizes the power of social learning to help trainees prepare for their exams. Students can discuss their coursework in the online forums, compare projects (cheat free) and share their study resources.They have a Facebook page as well where students can get other info on their study groups and how to get in.

Quite a lot of new services as been included in the packages they offer.They have Lecturers in their groups as well to help assist with students and their queries they might have.In Premium Study Groups an educator is available in the group to assist in daily, talk through study concerns, provide advice on assignments and far more.

What is social learning?

Social learning is the learning we do with our peers, also known as peer learning. It is trainees coming together and sharing their thoughts and ideas. Trainees can discuss concepts and offer their perspective on appropriate topics.

Remember that one of the highest forms of learning is teaching somebody else an idea. Not only does it make you think clearly about the issue you wish to explain, but the discussing keeps the knowledge in your head longer so that you can quickly remember it in an assignment, test or examination.

Social learning is considered a very positive way to learn and universities around the globe encourage their learners to spend time learning together. For each 5 students that are studying together, you get 5 different viewpoints, which will significantly increase your understanding and thinking about any topic. Group learning means you take advantage of the understanding and perspective and can significantly increase each individual’s learning.

Together We Pass Accreditation


Accreditation Number– 8585 000 259. 25 May 2016– 24 May 2021.

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) is a QAP of FASSET and QCTO and in this capacity they certify companies to provide accredited bookkeeping and accounting courses. That means you can now study a fully accredited bookkeeping or accounting course and all you need to get started is grade 10.

Accreditation Number–.

1 July 2015– 30 June 2020.

Together We Pass Colleges

Skills Academy

Skills Academy is a Distance Learning institution that enables learners to study at their own pace. Learners who are studying from home or while they are working benefit one of the most. While you work, this is an inexpensive way to improve your CV.

Skills Academy has over 5,000 students at the moment registered on Together We Pass for study groups. These study groups are facilitated by lecturers and the trainees get active assistance daily.

These courses develop abilities needed to increase employability, to learn skills you require in the workplace or if there is a promotion you have an interest in, in the workplace.

Skills Academy offers a variety of courses in numerous fields of study including:

A number of these courses are certified and they are created to better trainees’ skills and understanding in these fields of interest.

The Learning Group

The Learning Group provides you special advantages and valuable resources. This distance learning organization has a history of over 29 years of experience in Creative Studies. They have actually now extended their scope towards Business associated courses.

The Learning Group was purchased by Home Study Group in 2016 and were previously owned by SA College of Home Study in 2007. However, The Learning Group started in 1984.

The Learning Group makes learning problem free, simple and easy with continuous tutoring and assistance from your subject tutor.

TWP Academy

Established out of Together We Pass in 2015, TWP Academy focuses especially on accounting, but also on other business courses. They have a series of bookkeeping, financial management and entrepreneurial qualifications offered for you to pick from. This will allow you to start your career in the business environment.

TWP Academy concentrates on providing high quality Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) courses. This suggests that our ICB qualifications are all certified and if you study through to the end you can get a National Diploma. The ICBA is a professional body connected to the ICB and you can become a member through your studies at the ICB. The ICB is a professional bookkeeping body that certifies private colleges to provide high quality Bookkeeping and Accounting courses. They were a QAP for FASSET, and have actually recently moved over to be a QAP for the QCTO.

The ICB courses are concentrated on these five streams:

You can become an official member of the ICB if you complete your studies through the ICB and TWP Academy. You will also have a certified qualification with your certificate granted by FASSET.

Décor School

The Décor School is a partner institute of The Learning Group and focuses solely on interior décor and interior design. Specialising in creative studies since 1984, The Décor School sets itself apart from other Distance Learning Colleges by providing its students a series of exclusive advantages.

The Décor School deals with the requirements of the beginner and the more experienced interior designer who wants to learn more about the art, and wants to better their abilities. They happily provide a variety of premium Interior Decorating and Design Courses, designed to accommodate all levels of experience.

The Décor School is for you if you are searching for Interior Decorating and Design Courses that cover the current trends in the style industry. You also get a much better understanding into the diversity associated with this process.

Matric College

Matric College is dedicated to offering its learners high-quality, distance learning education. Matric College has a series of bookkeeping, financial management, creative and Matric-related fields offered to learners. In addition to entrepreneurial qualifications that will give learners the start their career they require, in the very best possible way.

Their main objective is to better and simplify access to education. It is their aim to guarantee that all of their learners are given the scholastic support that he or she needs to prosper. Everything they do at Matric College is based on their belief that everyone deserves to study.

You can enhance your abilities, work better, much faster and become more effective.

These courses are designed with you in mind:

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can reach Matric College by phone or by means of email.

Together We Pass Sitetransparent-logo-small

The Together We Pass website is where the study groups occur. It not only provides you information on how the study groups work, but you can purchase the study group in the online shop, and you log into the website to utilize your study groups once you have joined.

Together We Pass also prides itself on offering useful info for home study trainees, and you can find limitless guides and free materials that assists you to do much better in your studies, whether you are with UNISA, Skills Academy or other institution.


Together We Pass online forums allow learners to come together online to get the advantage of social learning without needing to agree on a time or a location that fits all individuals interested in benefiting. As the group is online based, everybody can get involved by themselves time and from any area they want.

Even on their phone– so anywhere is possible!

The online forums allow trainees to open discussions on any relevant topic. This can be on a specific subject or perhaps on a particular assignment concern. This can be encompassed a more intricate topic to keep everybody encouraged in their studies.

Bear in mind that with Together We Pass the Premium Study Groups are facilitated by the educator. This suggests that they develop topics for learners to discuss about sections of the course and notes are posted every week to show learners what they need to currently be studying. They can also assist when learners are struggling and lead a conversation on a difficult topic so that all students benefit and learn together.

Assignment Evaluation

One if the essential issues facing distance learning learners is that they have nobody to talk with to take them through their project prior to sending it for marking. This can feel extremely scary, as you have no idea if you are on the correct track.

To assist with this Together We Pass created and developed an app that assists learners compare projects where there is no other way for any trainee to cheat. Together We Pass has actually been extremely clear that we do not condone plagiarism and will not give out the answers or allow learners to share their answers with each other.

Instead, answers are taken into the app and it shows you in a percentage format the number of students agreed with your answer. If you see that nobody is agreeing with your answer you can then pick the “Discuss” button and a topic is developed in the forum on that question, so that all students can discuss how they reached their answer.

Again this is to increase every learner’s understanding of the coursework.

This feature has been a substantial success with trainees and is among the essential reasons regarding why students join Together We Pass again and again and again.

Resource Library

The Together We Pass resource library has actually long been a source of contention. It is the greatest library of resources available to UNISA trainees, anywhere.

Learners have actually been sharing notes, past documents, past tasks and a lot more with each other since 2008. With time this built into such a mass of info that it, once again, ended up being a big draw for students. Together We Pass has actually been clear that they are not selling resources– it is a sharing platform that operates as help to learners, to utilize to assist each other study.

However, UNISA was not pleased with the sharing of past documents and tutorial letters created by their organization. In 2016 Together We Pass withdrew all past papers and tutorial letters from the website.

All is not lost however. You are able to get an exam pack to help you study for examinations, which will assist you prepare for your final examination.

Study Notes

Together We Pass has actually been enabling students to share private study resources for the past 6 years. As we keep the resources year on year as a repository for future learners, we are now host to the largest personal collection of resources available to learners anywhere!

Previous UNISA learners have actually kindly shared their personal study notes, past papers and tutorials with each other on our platform. As quickly as you sign up, these will be offered to you. Remember that these resources are what have actually been shared by your fellow trainees and are various for each UNISA module.

A few of the study groups have actually notes composed by one of the Together We Pass lecturers. That is your premium and gold study groups for UNISA learners. These study notes are a summary of the course product and aid students to comprehend what is the most vital parts to learn for the tests.

Exam Packs

Previous UNISA trainees have actually shared their study notes, past documents and tutorials with each other on our platform. As quickly as you register, these will be made available to you.

Our Examination Packs comprise of answers to past papers, which learners are always very keen to find.

You will benefit by having the ability to review your development with your studies, do self evaluation, improve your techniques on responding to concerns and you will have the ability to determine the do’s and do n’ts during an examination as far as the module is concerned

Where did Together We Pass come from?

Together We Pass was developed in 2008 by Tabitha Bailey. She was a UNISA BCom student, and was residing in Thailand at the time. She could not find other trainees to study with, so she developed her own version of online study groups to help her pass her own tests.

These were so effective that she chose to offer it as a service to other learner.

In July 2008 she launched her first study group for Economics 1A. She was really amazed when 140 students signed up! So she added another 5 subjects, and her trainee base increased dramatically to 400 trainees.

After that she included more study groups every term. Now Together We Pass deals study groups in over 300 UNISA subjects, as well as to Matric students and a range of other home study university student.

Why is it called Together We Pass?

The name Together We Pass refers to the concept that with social learning, if you study together, everyone can pass.

The power of the group in learning is an amazing thing.

Very easy and genuinely describes the heart of exactly what the business intends to offer to the learners.

Together We Pass Study Groups

Together We Pass deals vibrant study groups. Study groups are an ideal circumstance, theoretically. If everyone follows the guidelines, they can be useful for all involved. Students study well in a group due to the fact that they are obligated to pull their own weight.

Learners can share concepts and work out problems that would be too difficult for a private to solve alone. When one student discusses an idea to another trainee, he enhances the concept for himself. If the trainee had actually been studying alone, he might not have considered the spaces in his knowledge. A study group is helpful intellectually however also mentally, as students encourage each other to study.

Together We Pass and UNISA

Together We Pass has actually constantly assisted UNISA learners, though their offering has actually branched off over the last few years. I guess the concern is why do UNISA students find the services provided by Together We Pass so appealing?

In a variety of ways Together We Pass assists UNISA learners navigate their studies. Not just the practical, theoretical assist with the course material, but also how to use, register or simply get in touch with the university. Together We Pass has placed themselves as the professionals on UNISA and are always ready to help any and all UNISA trainees despite whether they are a paying consumer or not.

Getting in touch with UNISA

Contacting UNISA has always been problematic. They service over 400,000 learners and therefore get overwhelmed with queries. Over the last few years they have shut down their phone centre and it can take weeks to get an answer through e-mail.

Together We Pass has been collecting contact details for UNISA over the past 8 years and in this way assists UNISA learners browse to the proper person at UNISA to help them with the kind of issue they have.

UNISA study guides


Unisa study notes are one of the important things in consistent demand. At the start of every term there is a scramble as trainees look for notes that will help them much better comprehend that terms topics.

Not only do students seek other learners study notes, but they also buy them from a variety of business that now provide these.

Together We Pass Gold and Premium subjects all feature a study pack of notes composed by our subjects experts. They even print and courier them to interested trainees, on demand.

UNISA study tips

UNISA study tips are also a great resource that Together We Pass provides, totally free on their website.

There are various pages you can review, written either by Together We Pass personnel or by successful students wanting to share their study tips

Also, don’t forget the book Together We Pass published with Paperight– Now What? A guide to Studying At UNISA. This has lots of valuable details and study tips– all home study learners should make sure they have a copy.

UNISA exam tips.

UNISA test tips are also a hot product. Again a great beginning point is Now What? A guide to Studying at UNISA. Remember this is a free eBook that you can download from the Together We Pass site.

Again there are a number of web pages with test tips on Together We Pass.

They also have a complimentary brochure that you can download that specifically takes a look at the best ways to get ready for your UNISA exams. Again, either contact Together We Pass for a copy or you can download directly from the website.

UNISA Assignments

UNISA tasks are stressful. There are between 2 and 4 assignments for each subject and they all are obligatory and count towards your term mark.

As discussed formerly, learners get really stressed about their UNISA tasks. The key way Together We Pass can aid with these is if you join their study groups and compare your assignments with other trainees.

Remember this is a cheat free zone, so do not join if you are just looking for somebody to do the work for you. You do have to do your own project and can then engage properly with other trainees to improve your understanding and your marks.

If you want tips on how to approach the UNISA projects take a look at the Together We Pass site as there are post and pages dedicated to assisting you approach your UNISA assignments.


UNISA MCQs are hard! Just because a question is multiple choice does not imply you will find the answer simply by scanning the supplied options. UNISA are masters of the trick question and you actually have to know your things to be able to effectively answer.

There are some genuine things you have to keep in mind when you approach a MCQ question. Take a look on the Together We Pass website for resources that assist you know how to best approach these.

Together We Pass has a variety of pages on ways to approach this extremely tricky type of question. Go browse them out– you won’t be disappointed.

Ways to sign up at UNISA

When you have actually used at UNISA, you still need to register. And you need to register each term for the subjects you prepare to write during that 6 month semester.

This is quite a tricky location and it requires careful thinking and planning on the part of the trainee on what subjects they can and must take.

You need to take into consideration pre-requisites. This indicates making certain you have passed the subjects needed to write a specific module. This ends up being difficult when you are waiting for marks from UNISA to see if you will be permitted to write the next module.

Remember to look up the page on tips on ways to manage this too– as you do not NEED to wait. Pick topics where you are not waiting for results. Otherwise it might result in you registering too late and will you lose months of your study time.

There is also a comprehensive page, with photos, discussing ways to sign up at UNISA.

For what topics or degrees does Together We Pass offer study groups

Together We Pass has study groups for many of the UNISA BCom (Commerce) topics and some from the UNISA LLB (Law).

This consists of economics, financing, accounting and law topics.

They also have study groups for all learners studying at Skills Academy, The Learning Group and TWP Academy– all home study colleges.

Together We Pass recently introduced study groups for Matric students.

Together We Pass Skills Academy Study Groups

Together We Pass Study groups enable home study trainees to come together online to talk about the topics they are studying. Primarily created for UNISA trainees, Together We Pass study groups are now available for lots of distance-learning colleges and now, matric trainees as well.

Together We Pass Matric Study Groups


The Together We Pass team has actually joined with Easy Pass to offer Matric learners help with their preparation for their examinations.

Educators in the study groups exist to help with questions and problem that the learners are facing with their studies. The group brings learners into contact with other trainees doing the exact same topics and getting ready for the same examination. Conversations permit the trainees to help one another while solving tough sections of the work. Resources readily available are previous examination papers and active support while working on the answers when you exercise the test papers.

Together We Pass Charges

ICB logo

ICB Study Group – R400

Together We Pass wants to ensure that trainees stand out at ICB courses. We have now put together a choice of the most relevant info for students. You will have access to details concerning your tests, assessments, the student portal and registration among others.

Together We Pass is one to view!

We think that Together We Pass is providing an entirely distinct, high worth service that anyone will take advantage of. We wish them all the best with their new venture of helping Matric learners, and we will be viewing carefully for brand-new products and services used by this innovative company.

Gold Study Group – R300

These groups have no educator, however you get your assistance from and compare projects with the other trainees taking that subject too. There are also study notes and an examination pack.

Free Study Group – R0

These groups allow you to obtain assist from and compare tasks with the other trainees. There are in some cases a few resources, but these are simply what has been shared by students in the past – we can not ensure quality as we did not produce them ourselves. Mainly the group is for comparing tasks and talking about challenging topics among one another.

Premium Study Group – R600

These groups have a lecturer handling the study group, who is qualified in the field of study. They post in the group, supply study notes, test packs and they assist with questions. They also do all the tasks. This allows the lecturers to compare answers and correctly help and guide our learners.

Matric Study Group – R400

The Together We Pass Matric study groups are managed by subject professionals. Students have access to previous papers and notes to download in the resource library. A lecturer is also available to facilitate any discussions along with to address students’ concerns in the forums.

Together We Pass Contact Details

Together We Pass


Support: 021 838 8251.

Email: [email protected].

Facebook: Together We Pass on Facebook.

Twitter: @TogetherWePass.

Together We Pass Partner Contact Details

Matric College

Distance Learning College

Registration: 0800 39 00 27.

Support: 021 838 8295


The Learning Group

TLG Logos

Registration: 0800 39 00 27.

Support: 021 838 8250.


TWP Academy

Registration: 0800 39 00 27.TWPA Logo

Support: 021 838 8251.


Skills Academy

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Registrations and Enquiries:.

Toll Free Number: 0800 39 00 27.


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