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What is a Portfolio of Evidence?

A portfolio of evidence (POE) is a workbook or folder with a collections of documents; that you hand in at your exam. This folder is filled with workplace and home-based projects and exercises. It contains evidence and proof that you did this practical work, which you have mastered this piece of work.

Your POE is marked together with your exam. The marks you get for your POE forms 30% of your final mark. The other 70% of your mark is based upon your exam.


When do I get my POE?

When you sign up for an exam, that triggers your POE to be sent to you. Your Portfolio of Evidence will arrive 3-4 weeks after you have signed up for an ICB exam.


Exactly what must I made with my POE?

You should finish your Portfolio of Evidence before the exam, then take it with you to the exam. At the exam you hand in your POE (together with your exam paper), and it gets marked with your exam. In this way it counts to your final mark for your subject.

Because you get to do the Portfolio of Evidence before the exam, it is an excellent way to obtain some points before you even get to the exam!


How do I complete my POE?

When you get your POE, first check that your personal information on the cover are correct.
If there is a mistake, let your college and ICB understand immediately.

Next you need to review the entire PoE and fill in info where you are asked to.

During your course, you will include things like exercises and projects to your PoE.

When you go to write your final exam you’ll put your question and answer paper into your full PoE and hand everything in. All this evidence in your PoE is analyzed by an ICB registered assessor, who utilizes it to choose whether you are qualified in that specific subject.

Your POE counts for 30% of your overall mark.You should complete all the ICB Tasks and Tests before your final exam date and make sure you have placed them into your PoE.

You want to make certain you get your POE as soon as possible, so that you have the maximum amount of time available to work on it, prior to the date on which you should hand it in at the exam.

Portfolio of evidence


How do I ensure I have the maximum time to work on my POE?

When you Register for your exam, the ICB sends you the POE for the subject/s you have signed up for. You then get to work on your POE from the date you receive the POE from the ICB, till your exam date. And after that you hand in your POE at the exam.

So, if you desire the optimum amount of time to work on your POE, you have to sign up for your exam as quickly as you can.

When you have actually signed up for your exam, the ICB will courier your POE to you. The ICB typically couriers your POE three to 4 weeks after receiving your exam registration application.


Do I get a POE for each subject?

Yes, you should get a POE for each subject you do. So if you sign up for 3 subject exams, then the ICB will send your 3 Portfolios of Evidence.

If your POE is incomplete, that can suggest that you fail that subject. So make it as complete as possible. Also ensure that you make a copy of your POE prior to you hand it in. Put it in a safe place, so that you know if something occurs to your POE, you have a back-up plan.


Just what enters into my Portfolio of Evidence?

As you study a subject (or learning area) all your evaluations are kept in a folder. So all these assessments, plus your final exam paper makes up your complete Portfolio of Evidence. When you get your POE from the ICB, it will contain the Administration Book, which tells you exactly how to finish your POE.

You hand all of it in at your final exam, and the assessors (inspectors) marks all of it to identify if you pass or if you have to redo the work.

Keep in mind that you need to get a POE for every subject you do. So if you register for three subject exams, then the ICB will send your 3 Portfolios of Evidence.
If your POE is insufficient, that can mean that you fail that subject. So make it as complete as possible. Also make certain that you make a copy of your POE prior to you hand it in. Put it in a safe place, so that you know if something occurs to your POE, you have a back-up strategy.


How your ICB Final Marks are Worked out.

The ICB utilizes 2 various marks to identify your final mark, and to identify if you pass or fail your course. These two marks are marks for; 1. Your official exam, and 2. Your Portfolio of Evidence.

Your official exam counts 70% of your final mark. You should get at least 50% for your official exam, to pass your course.

Your Portfolio of Evidence counts 30% or your final mark. This consist out of work done while you were studying your subject. Things like tasks, evaluations and other work.

You need to get a final total mark of 60% to pass your course.


Exactly what’s inside my PoE?

Your ICB Portfolio Administration Guide.

This is your vital guide to studying your ICB subject!
Your ICB Portfolio Administration Guide informs you exactly what you need to do throughout your ICB studies. It describes the best ways to complete your PoE, and consists of lots of forms you have to finish.
Resolve it step by step and follow all the guidelines in it, and you’ll be on track for success.


ICB Tests and Projects.

For each subject, the ICB sets 3 Tasks and 2 Tests that help you to evaluate your understanding throughout your studies.
Distance learning students will find ICB Tests and Projects in their PoE when it gets there.
Classroom-based students will get their ICB Assignments in their Portfolios, and their ICB Tests will be given by their speakers during their studies.


Answer books.

You’ll likewise discover blank answer books in your PoE for you to write the answers to your ICB Tests and Projects in.


Why is my PoE so crucial?

The ICB academic team has actually designed it to give you the best possible opportunity of learning effectively and passing your subject first time.
It assists us ensure you get a deep and extensive understanding of your course products.
You don’t just get a qualification– you get genuine skills that you can utilize in your job from Day 1.

Each subject is divided into 3 learning phases. You’ll do an ICB Project throughout each phase, and at the end of stages 1 and 2, you’ll finish an ICB Test, to check your knowledge. These tests have actually been set by the ICB and are standardised– all students need to complete them.

Your final exam marks completion of the third learning phase.

This integrated method of learning helps to prepare you (and readies practice) for your final exam.


When do I hand in my PoE?

A couple of days before your final exam, go through the list in your ICB Portfolio Administration Guide and ensure you have actually done and included everything. Make a copy of our entire PoE as a backup.

Take your finished PoE to your final exam. You’ll hand it in there.
Your final exam.
When you have ended up composing your final exam, you need to add the exam question and answer papers to your PoE, and hand everything in together.

You can not send out the ICB anything else for your PoE after you have actually handed it in.

Download the ICB POE Process Diagramme here.


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Last Update: March 23rd, 2017.